About Zach


Zach (Mann) Mankofsky has achieved relative adequacy in such unrelated ventures as baseball, website construction, and fiction writing. He has also contributed to a food-writing website, The Eaten Path, and blogged independently on a number of topics, from 1970s films to the literary achievements of 1940s-50s pulp author David Goodis. From 2006-2012, he also worked various Quality Assurance jobs in the video game and advertising industries. Generally, Zach would describe himself as an interdisciplinary essayist interested in the following topics: film and television genres; international sports culture (mainly baseball); American nerd culture (Dungeons & Dragons, Star Trek, etc.); histories of crime fiction; feminist, queer, and critical race readings of popular culture; and pre-Soviet Russian literature.

Currently Zach is a 2nd-year Phd student in English at the University of Southern California, where he studies American fictions across media and related theories of appropriation and adaptation. Previously he studied Russian Literature at UC Berkeley and earned an MFA in Creative Writing, Fiction, at CSU Long Beach, where he also ran the program’s literary journal Riprap and wrote a collection of short stories about international baseball. More recently he served as the noir & mystery editor at the LA Review of Books and was the founding managing editor of the digital literary magazine The Offing. He hopes to return to publishing eventually, but is now focusing on the writing side. Some of his publications include:

Final admin message for The Offing: “Starburst Galaxy,” June 2016 (link).

Interviews conducted for the LA Review of Books: “Filmgoer Theory: An Interview with Eddie Muller on the Nowness of Noir” (link); “The Burden and the Beauty of Loneliness: An Interview with Leslie Parry” (link).

Food stories for The Eaten Path (archive). Selected collection: “Daihatsu Days: A Brief Memoir From the Japanese Road” (link).

“Death of a Cubs Fan.” First Prize, 2014 Winning Writers Sports Fiction & Essay Contest (November 2014). Cobalt Review Baseball Issue (July 2014).

Novelty poems for American Mustard Volumes 1 & 2 (2014-2015). “To David Goodis” & “The Violated Majesty of Kobe Bryant.”